5 Key Benefits of IoT in Manufacturing

“Don’t underestimate the unknown factors that will emerge as the IoT expands and the enterprise’s IoT participation grows,” says Jenny Beresford, research director, Gartner

This blog will discuss the tremendous benefits of IoT in the Manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing industry has witnessed a robust demand for personalization, rising customer expectations, and global supply chain’s complexity. These and other issues push manufacturers to come up with new, more innovative ways to stay competitive. Businesses turn to digital transformation to boost efficiency and discover new ways to improve manufacturing and supply chain processes. Industry 4.0 and digital manufacturing are driving the most IoT investments in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry is the market where the most significant Industrial IoT projects are realized, and the most IoT investments are made in the age of Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation of production. The Internet of Things is ready to lead a digital revolution in the manufacturing industries across the world.

What is Internet of Things or IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of physical objects (or “things”) embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies that enable them to connect and exchange data with other devices and systems over the internet. These devices range in complexity from daily household items to sophisticated industrial instruments. Across all industries, IoT is a critical engine for customer-facing innovation, data-driven optimization and automation, digital transformation, R&D, and new applications, business models, and income streams. 

IoT-enabled equipment provide vital real-time data to manufacturers and machine operators, allowing them to make better decisions.

Why do Manufacturing Industries need IoT?

For many years, industrial manufacturing companies have been struggling to figure out how to run their operations more efficiently. With the internet of things, manufacturers are able to accomplish a variety of objectives, such as cost reduction, greater efficiency, improved safety, and product innovation.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), sometimes called the IoT for Industrial Manufacturing, allows manufacturers to rethink their entire business operations as well as their business in general.  

Mickensy’s comprehensive report on Leveraging Industrial Internet of Things for Digital Transformation states that “IIoT adoption is real, pays off, and helps manufacturers stay (digitally) relevant. Although we see signs that IIoT adoption has been slower than expected, it is nevertheless real and becoming more widespread. With digital manufacturing expected to capture a significant share of the overall IoT market by 2025, it is clear that there are big gains to be made.”

Estimated spending on Internet of Things in the Manufacturing Industry
Source : IDC; McKinsey Analysis

Key Benefits of IoT in the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers can leverage  Internet of Things to build self-contained networks that expedite the manufacturing process while being cost-effective and feasible.

Let us understand the key benefits of IoT in manufacturing:

1. Predictive Maintenance: The ability to do preventative maintenance is one of the most significant advantages of IoT in the manufacturing business. You’re no longer planning maintenance schedules based on past data; instead, you’re getting real-time data to solve issues that need to tended to right now. Sensors give valuable data, allowing you to know the machine’s requirements rather than guessing. This method eliminates a significant amount of wasted time and resources from the manufacturing process. In order to minimize unplanned downtime, automated systems can place orders for replacement parts if none are on site and schedule replacements or repairs accordingly.

2. Boost productivity : The most significant advantage of IoT is that it allows firms to automate and improve their operational efficiency and increase productivity. Robotics and automated technology can increase production and assist firms in streamlining their processes by working more effectively and correctly.

3. Product Quality Improvements : The major priority of the manufacturer’s should be the high product quality. If they will provide the high quality product then, they can get advantages like reduced waste of material, customer satisfaction, less expenses as well as rise in sales. But, achieving these goals are quite challenging. However, IoT helps in fulfilling these goals and overcome the challenges during the process. 

4. Reduce Errors : The Industrial Internet of Things enables manufacturers to digitize practically every aspect of their operations. Manufacturers can eliminate the primary risk associated with manual work — human error – by eliminating manual processes and entries.

5.Enhanced Efficiency : Manufacturing operators and executives may use data streaming through their facilities to make wiser, more informed decisions thanks to IoT connected devices. By combining knowledge and action, the related company can implement proactive, continuous improvement projects that result in a more agile and stable future.

Impact of IoT on the Manufacturing Industry

Industries are benefiting from the use of IoT technology. Its data-driven approaches revolutionize the manufacturing industry and bring in a digital revolution across the board. Manufacturers have been demanding customization, increased productivity, and operability for years. The Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has had a far more significant impact on manufacturing than on any other area such as-

  • Increased Revenue
  • Asset Inter-connectivity
  • Improved Supply Chain
  • Improved visibility
  • Advanced maintenance
  • Automation


Manufacturing is probably the best industry for demonstrating the Internet of Things’ full potential. Companies may utilize IoT sensors to reconstruct old processes from the ground up, monitor equipment quality and employee productivity, manage supply chains remotely, and identify future difficulties well in advance.

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