Benefits of ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Food & Beverage Industry

  • Streamlined Operations: By managing multiple entities and offering comprehensive BOM management, the Intelligent ERP software system ensures streamlined and efficient operations across various aspects of production and distribution.
  • Improved Production Efficiency: With features like sequencing, scheduling, and multiple production route planning, the ERP software system optimizes production processes, reducing idle time and enhancing overall efficiency.
  • Enhanced Compliance and Quality Control: Traceability and batch management functionalities ensure adherence to regulatory standards, enabling effective quality control and compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Real-time Decision Making: Cloud hosting and mobile app access facilitate real-time data availability, empowering stakeholders to make informed decisions promptly, even on-the-go.
  • Efficient Order Management: Sales order management, ATP, CTP, RMA, credit management, pick, pack & ship management streamline order processes, ensuring timely deliveries and customer satisfaction.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: ATP, CTP, and RMA functionalities ensure better promise capability, efficient return handling, and credit management, enhancing customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Optimized Service Delivery: Service order management features help in handling service requests efficiently, contributing to prompt service delivery and customer loyalty.
  • Effective Human Resource Management: The Intelligent ERP's HR & payroll management functionalities cater specifically to the industry's workforce needs, ensuring smooth HR operations and accurate payroll processing.
  • Accurate Planning and Forecasting: Planned vs. actual analytics, forecasting, budgeting, and planning functionalities provide insights that aid in accurate resource allocation, inventory management, and long-term business strategies.

What makes us different from other ERP software systems?


Single stop solution for all businesses. End to end modules from Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, Manufacturing, Planning, Maintenance Workshop, Projects and HR.


Get the information you need in a timely, accurate, and integrated manner. It offers simple visual answers to complicated business concerns.



Embedded to handle repetitive, time consuming tasks. ERP embedded with Robotic Process Automation helps reduce manual labour.



Working on the go or remotely, your business is always with you. In-Built mobile Apps keep you connected to your business at all times.


Talk to your ERP anytime, anywhere on your connected Apple & Android based phones / tablets. This enables Conversational AI in ERP


Embedded SFA application software for automating the sales activities.