Operational excellence leads to managerial effectiveness. Simply because managers become enabled to take decisions through better information availability, through finding out what are the resources available at their disposal, through the ability to gain flexibility for deployment of the same resources and through better decision making and planning. Because all the tools, all the data, all the information across the organization regardless of location and so on is available at the desktop of the decision maker, the manager’s decisions can be more effective.Since we are talking of managerial effectiveness which spans the entire organization, whether it is sales or purchase or materials management or financials the performance improvement happens across the organization.

More importantly, through the use of ebizframe Best ERP Vendors you are able to get process consistency which means that it doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in, yourteam can respond to a given situation through exactly the same predefined processes whether the people are new or old, whether they have been trained extensively or not whether they know theBest ERP Software for Business background or not because the system defines the methodology of operation, it defines the organization’s approved view of how a particular situation should be handled. The reaction of organization to a given situation is highly consistent which removes randomness or even avoidable decision making, and leads to the organization response becoming effective and consistent throughout. When managers become effective through all the steps that werejust outlined and there are many many more which relate to managerial effectiveness, one gets closer to strategic enablement. You will see a very peculiar term written here “one version of truth”. What we mean by this can be best explained by an example.

Today in a non-ERP driven environment if you ask for a report, depending on the source of report it is likely that you will get different data. If you ask for the revenue report from the sales function, it could be very different from what the accounts team gives to you. And it is not because there is any malafide, it is simply because people are following different data sets, they are following different policies for recognizing or not recognizing revenue. Through the use of ebizframe Best ERP Software across the organization you will get “one version of the truth”. You will get one report which will tell you how a particular function or a person or a region is performing. It is not dependent on the source who gives you this report, it is simply based on the data which has been treated in the company’s defined business practice. This will help you in getting better business growth because your attention will move away from the routine, your ability to focus on business innovation as well as on growth will become higher and higher because time and attention that is required for you to manage the ordinary will become lesser and lesser. Time to seek data will be small. Time to react to information will become large.

Since ebizframe is completely cloud enabled you can extend the functionality to enable e commerce which is the way tomorrow businesses will operate. Because ebizframe ERP Implementation Company is available on the cloud and it can be hosted on any net server of your choice, it is available globally and because it is e-commerce enabled you can connect to your customers or suppliers or employees or partners across the world and they can react with you, they can work with you, they can hold hands with you and help your organization expand globally. Because of common data availability, because of consistent processes, because of improved quality and reduction of cost, and most importantly because of one version of truth, your organization will gain organizational harmony. Your growth your plans will become a reality and that is the promise of transforming your organization through ebizframe Best ERP System Vendors.



  • Device Agnostic - Works on all devices including mobiles/tabs.
  • User defined workflows
  • SOA Architecture
  • Dashboard analytics
  • Quick implementations
  • Highly user-friendly and intuitive design