Case Studies

Client Overview This Southeast Asian powerhouse has solidified its position as the foremost player in the region's retail sector. To deliver the value proposition, our client has built the largest network of more than 2000 Retail Gas stations and the largest Petroleum and LPG Storage Terminals and delivery Trucks in Cambodia. With a strong presence in supermarkets, food courts, restaurants, cafes, and oil stations, the company boasts an impressive array of operations: Numerous high-

Client Overview: Our client, a well-established entity in the premium edible oils sector, strongly believes in the transformative power of nature for promoting a healthy lifestyle. Inspired by this conviction, our client has consistently strived to infuse all of nature's goodness into its products. The company has perfected a proprietary cutting-edge Seed to Oil technology at its advanced plants in Hyderabad and Rajasthan, ensuring the transfer of inherent micronutrients from seed to oil

Client Overview Our Kenyan client excels in local sugarcane-based sugar production, dedicated to advancing Kenya's sugar industry and supporting the community. Since inception, they've grown impressively, increasing production from 17,000 to 90,000 tonnes by 2021. Their commitment to quality is evident through prestigious awards like the Diamond Mark of Quality and Super brand status, showcasing their relentless pursuit of excellence in sugar production.

Client Overview Our client is among leading pharmaceutical manufacturers in West Africa, offering over 70 different products in various dosages. Their wide-ranging portfolio covers essential drugs for Ghana, West Africa, and beyond, with registrations in 18 countries. Their products include anti-inflammatory, anti-infective, and tropical disease treatments, registered in key markets like Nigeria, Senegal, and more. Client Challenges Fragmented Systems: Our client used different syste