The Functionality of ebizframe Intelligent ERP for CBB Manufacturing

  1. Machine & Production Routing customizing: Handles tasks such as calculating production requirements, checking feasibility, simulating production scenarios, and determining delivery dates. It involves configuring the system to match the specific requirements and constraints of the production environment.
  2. Ideal support for trim optimization:Based on the determination of the production and consumption-relevant layout factors such as material usage, waste reduction, and production requirements, the system can provide ideal support in determining the optimal dimensions for layouts to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
  3. Detailed board grade management:ERP for CBB manufacturing helps in managing different grades of boards used in production, including considering parameters such as Box Compression Test (BCT) values and Bill of Materials (BOM) explosion. BCT values help determine the strength and durability of the boxes, while BOM explosion involves breaking down the components and materials required for production calculations and procurement.
  4. Optimized packing Process:Optimizes the packing process by providing recommendations for the number of pieces per layer and stack, as well as the number of pallets required per truck. This optimization ensures efficient use of space during packing, reducing transportation costs and improving logistics.
  5. Rentals management:Handles the management of rental items, such as pallets or top boards. It helps track the availability, allocation, and return of rented items, ensuring proper inventory management and reducing the risk of loss or misplacement.
  6. Production Stimulation:Stimulation involves simulating the production process to obtain detailed quantities for raw materials and calculate the production time required.
  7. Batch management:ERP for CBB manufacturing enables inventory and traceability by assigning a unique identification to each inventory and delivery item. It helps track and manage batches of products throughout the production and supply chain, ensuring traceability, quality control, and effective inventory management.
  8. Support of Print Processes:Assists in managing print processes by providing information on the number and type of colors required (standard and specials), coverage per color, and feasibility checks based on machine data. ERP for CBB manufacturing helps optimize the print processes by ensuring accurate color selection, coverage estimation, and feasibility analysis.
  9. Tender Management:ERP for CBB manufacturing assists in managing and processing these inquiries efficiently, enabling streamlined communication, accurate configurations, and precise calculations for tender submissions.
  10. Automated BOM & routing management:Automates the management of Bill of Materials (BOM) and routing, reducing manual workload for users. It streamlines the creation, maintenance, and updates of BOMs and routing information, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and time savings for production planning and execution.

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