What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robots are here to stay, so the faster you harness their power, the sooner you’ll be able to create competitive edge for your business. Software robots are really easy to train and can be seamlessly integrate into any system. You have the freedom to multiply and deploy them instantly as you go.

Robotic Process Automation or Software Robots is an innovative technology using which repetitive, high volume, mechanical and arduous tasks can be assigned to a virtual operator or “robot” rather than a human being. Looking at it in another way, those tasks that are performed by a human being in a robot like manner, without applying too much thought or without using any discretionary thinking, can be performed by software robots. Naturally, this frees up skilled staff for areas where their experience and intelligence can be put to better, more productive use.These business process could be Completing Invoice Processing, Opening invoice email from the supplier and printing it for records, or placing purchase orders, Matching the POs and the Invoice, verifying if that quantity delivered matches what is mentioned in the Invoice, Calculating Tax, picking out data from external data sources and so on.

ebizframeRPA uses the framework on UiPath

ebizframe RPA is based on UiPath which is the underlying tool for the implementation of RPA. UiPath is the Global Leader and considered as one of the fastest growing and most robust RPA solutions in the industry today. They are best placed in the famous Gartner Magic Quadrant on all the evaluation parameters. Choosing the right tool and framework is critical for the long term success and commercial viability of such initiatives. That’s why ESS chose UiPath after a meticulous research on various tools available in the market.

Benefits of RPA

1.Reduces Human Error: RPA is quick, reliable & cost effective as it works faster, up to 24 hours a day, makes absolutely no mistakes, reduces costs, and documents all work impeccably.

2.Enhanced Customer Experience: Since bots can work 24×7, there are no delays on transactions with your global customers. Through RPA, tasks which may take several days can be completed within a few hours.

3.Seamless integration with existing system: Bots will work as one of your employees, on the applications and software, already integrated in your organization. Hence,no or minimal changes have to be made to your existing systems.

4.Increased Productivity: With the help of these software bots, you can easily reduce the pressure on your organization by channelizing the human efforts into more productive tasks which require human discretion.

How does RPA work?

Let us have a look at an example to understand the potential of RPA for a business. Accounts Payable is a monotonous process that requires digitizing invoices from the vendors using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), extracting information from all the fields in the invoice, validating it, and then processing it. At present, it a tedious task, requiring significant internal costs and has to be done on a regular basis. This is where RPA comes in. It helps in automating this process and automatically credits the payment to the vendor’s account after reconciliation of errors and validations.

Similarly, RPA helps in easing bank reconciliation process by matching the payment details with bank data and other records very quickly, keeping up with the pace of the transactions of the bank. RPA resolves and cross-verifies data between different systems to validate and check information to provide compliance and auditing outputs. It can also help you with your MIS Reporting or Monitoring.

Which industries use RPA?

Any industry or business unit can reap the benefits of RPA. With a thriving marketplace of ready-to-deploy, software bots, there is no limit to their usage and benefits.
Contact us to get RPA solutions already set up to take on business functions such as invoice processing, account reconciliation, sales orders, hiring and on-boarding,etc.

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