Stop Guessing, Start Owning Your Quotes: How ERP software for Printing and Packaging Revolutionizes Pre-Quotation Costing

In the fast-paced world of printing and packaging, accurate pre-quotation costing is the cornerstone of profitability. But battling spreadsheets and manual calculations can leave you with more questions than answers. This is where Intelligent ERP software for Printing and Packaging steps in, offering a game-changing approach to pre-quotation costing.

ERP software for Printing and Packaging on Pre-Quotation Costing

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software streamlines your entire business operation, and its impact on pre-quotation costing is nothing short of revolutionary. Here's how:

  • Nail Substrate Costs Every Time: Paper, cardboard, films - the world of printing materials is vast. ERP software for Printing and Packaging stores precise costing details for various substrates, thicknesses, finishes, and even eco-friendly options. When a new project comes in, you can instantly calculate material costs based on the chosen substrate, ensuring accurate quotes from the get-go.
  • Tame the Complexity Beast:Custom printing and packaging jobs often involve intricate details like embossing, die-cutting, or specialty finishes. These elements can wreak havoc on manual costing. ERP Software System comes to the rescue! You can configure pre-defined cost structures or custom formulas to account for these complexities. This eliminates time-consuming calculations and ensures consistent costing for every unique project.
  • Version Control = Cost Control: Design revisions are a fact of life in the printing industry. But outdated versions used for quoting can lead to confusion and wasted materials. ERP software for Printing and Packaging tracks design versions and their associated costs. You can quote based on the latest approved design, eliminating costly mistakes and ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Unlock Savings with MOQ Magic: Material suppliers often offer discounts for bulk purchases (Minimum Order Quantities - MOQs). Intelligent ERP Software System factors these MOQs and price breaks into the quoting process. This allows you to offer the most competitive prices while maximizing material yield and minimizing waste. It's a win-win for you and your customers!
  • Machine Matchmaking for Perfect Pricing: Different printing presses and converting equipment have varying capabilities and speeds. ERP software for Printing and Packaging integrates with your machine data. This lets you calculate job setup times, press run times, and even labour costs based on the chosen equipment. The result? Precise cost estimations for each specific job, ensuring you quote profitably every single time.

By implementing Intelligent ERP software for Printing and Packaging, you can transform pre-quotation costing from a guessing game into a strategic advantage. Experience faster turnaround times, more accurate quotes, and increased profitability with the power of ERP on your side. Contact us today via to learn how ERP software can revolutionize your printing and packaging business!

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