ERP for Plastic Manufacturing that thoroughly understands your industry needs

Real-time Production Monitoring Solution

Effortlessly track and instantly update production schedules and inventory by directly collecting data from production centers.

User-Friendly Scheduler with Drag-and-Drop Interface

Visualize the complete production schedule and factors affecting capacity to ensure optimal resource planning across the supply chain, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Multi-Tool & Family Tool Capability

Effectively manage family tools and easily handle multiple part numbers within a single physical tool.

Industry-Specific Bills of Materials (BOM)

Tailored BOMs that cater to the unique needs of injection molders, blow molders, extruders, compounders, thermoforms, die casting, stamping, and more

Efficient Shelf Life Management

Proactively monitor inventory with restrictions such as moisture content, potency, pH, and color. Automatically identify non-conforming inventory and receive electronic alerts when the shelf life expires.

Regrind Usage & Consumption Features

Track and utilize raw materials not listed in the master inventory. Includes functionality for monitoring scrap rates, regrind usage, parison/flash, and runner/sprue options for material consumption

Production Yield and Wastage Tracking

Track production yield and complete wastage diligently, minimizing resource loss while maximizing output efficiency.

Raw Material Consumption Analysis and Cost Tracking

Conduct detailed analysis of raw material consumption, control costs, and plan procurement effectively for better inventory management.

Benefits derived from ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Plastic Manufacturing industry

  • Enhanced Productivity: Real-time production monitoring and streamlined scheduling ensure efficient resource utilization and optimal production.
  • Improved Transparency: The hierarchical Bills of Materials provide clear insights into product structures, aiding in better decision-making.
  • User-Friendly Operations: The intuitive drag-and-drop interface simplifies scheduling and resource planning, reducing training time and errors.
  • Versatile Management: Multi-Tool & Family Tool Capability allows versatile handling of various part numbers within a single tool, increasing flexibility.
  • Industry-Specific Customization: Tailored Bills of Materials for different plastic manufacturing processes cater to the unique needs of various production methods.
  • Effective Inventory Control: Efficient shelf life management helps minimize waste by monitoring and managing inventory with restrictions, reducing losses due to expired materials.
  • Sustainable Resource Management: Regrind Usage & Consumption Features enable better control of raw materials, reducing waste and enhancing sustainability.
  • Optimized Mould Planning: Mould planning and scheduling ensure well-organized production, reducing downtime and optimizing output.
  • Minimized Resource Loss: Tracking production yield and wastage helps in minimizing resource loss, ultimately increasing output efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Cost-Efficient Operations: Detailed analysis of raw material consumption and cost tracking helps in better procurement planning, reducing costs and improving inventory management.

What makes us different from other ERP software systems?


Single stop solution for all businesses. End to end modules from Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, Manufacturing, Planning, Maintenance Workshop, Projects and HR.


Get the information you need in a timely, accurate, and integrated manner. It offers simple visual answers to complicated business concerns.


Embedded to handle repetitive, time consuming tasks. ERP embedded with Robotic Process Automation helps reduce manual labour.


Working on the go or remotely, your business is always with you. In-Built mobile Apps keep you connected to your business at all times.


Talk to your ERP anytime, anywhere on your connected Apple & Android based phones / tablets. This enables Conversational AI in ERP


Optimize mould usage, ensuring efficient scheduling and maintenance for extended mould life and improved efficiency.