5. Automation of Manual Tasks:

  • Automatic Data Capture: Automates data entry, reducing the need for manual data input and minimizing errors.
  • Process Automation: Automates routine tasks like generating invoices, reducing the chances of incorrect invoicing and revenue losses.

6. Integration with Regulatory Systems:

  • Drug Authority Integration: Integrates with drug regulatory authorities' systems, enabling seamless data submission and compliance with reporting requirements.

7. Data Analysis for Decision-Making:

  • Advanced Analytics: Equipped with analytics modules can help in analyzing data trends, identifying areas for improvement, and making informed decisions.

8.Centralized Information Hub:

  • Unified Platform: Serves as a single source of truth, facilitating collaboration among different departments, enhancing communication, and reducing errors due to miscommunication.

Benefits of Intelligent ERP system for Pharmaceutical Industry

1. Material Management and Manufacturing in Compliance with WHO Guidelines:

  • Intelligent ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry maintain manufacturing processes and material management in alignment with country-specific standards, adhering to WHO's Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines for consistent product quality and safety.

2. Streamlined Goods Receipt Note (GRN) Process:

  • Facilitate a comprehensive GRN process tailored to pharmaceutical requirements.
  • Features include inspection, sampling, under analysis, and completion of analysis, ensuring a rigorous quality control process.

3. Efficient Retesting Process:

  • Automate the identification of items requiring retesting, with predefined timelines at the master level.
  • System-generated alerts prompt the need for retesting, ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.

4. Enhanced Document Management:

  • Enforce stringent document confirmation before completing transactions, ensuring receipt of necessary supporting documents, such as lab certificates from suppliers.

7. End-to-End Batch Tracking:

  • Achieve comprehensive batch tracking from sales to GRN, ensuring full traceability, accountability, and compliance throughout the product lifecycle.

5. Labelling for Easy Identification:

  • ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry implement mandatory labelling at each stage of the GRN process, ensuring easy identification and traceability of items throughout the supply chain.

8. Efficient Short Enquiry Management:

  • ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry streamline short enquiry processes, ensuring quick resolution and minimizing disruptions to production and supply.

6. Optimized Warehousing and Distribution:

  • Introduce specialized areas like Holding Area, Quarantine Warehouse, and Dispensing zones to manage inventory efficiently and maintain product integrity.
  • Precise Quality Control for Active Ingredients.
  • Intelligent ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry perform Quality Control (QC) based on pack sizes, ensuring active ingredient quality at the most granular level.

9. Compliant Disposal Process:

  • Manage the disposal of items with adherence to rigorous controls and certificates required by country-specific Ministry of Health regulations.

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