5 Key Features of Warehouse Management System

Warehouse management software, also known as warehouse management system (WMS) provides an overarching approach to warehouse operations, encompassing specialized tools such as inventory management, supply chain management and transportation management.

A warehouse management software manages several steps of the supply chain management process, including everything from delivery shipping to employee scheduling, to advanced reporting. This valuable data can be used by the management to fine-tune or revamp their warehouse operations processes.

With compliance requirements, customer demands, need for instant communication and reporting becoming a norm of today’s competitive business environment, more and more businesses are investing in robust WMS to ensure smooth day-to-day warehouse operations.

ebizframe WMS is engineered and developed to control costs, improve inventory accuracy and availability of material, while enhancing personnel productivity, resource scheduling and customer service.

Features of Warehouse Management System

Seamless Integration with ERP Software

ERP integration with WMS expedites the process of real-time data tracking across the organization exponentially. Integrating your ERP with WMS software ensures that all the data is stored on a single unified platform and is in synchronization with the other departments.

For instance,your sales team can not work well with the customers or update them regarding their orders if they don’t have real-time data on hand. Hence, to ensure that all the concerned departments are well in loop and have a complete view of the supply chain, WMS should be integrated well with the ERP such as ebizframe ERP.

Device Agnostic – Anytime, Anywhere Access

In today’s global world where there are flexible working hours, global customers and need for instant data in warehouses, meetings, etc. you need to ensure that data is readily available on your smartphone or tablet as well. An ideal warehouse management system features a mobile-friendly interface so that it can be accessed from handheld devices. It helps the management view all the KPIs on the go.

Tracking & Visibility

One of the most critical function of a Warehouse Management System is inventory tracking.

A robust WMS enables easy and efficient tracking of inventory and order related information such as lot details, expiry dates, serial numbers, SKU tracking, etc. This helps in quickly solving the inventory movement challenges, reducing additional costs and also improving customer experience with efficient order tracking and management. A WMS allows businesses to do periodic cycle counts without interfering with day to day operations. This entails greater labor visibility and optimization.

Advanced Reporting

One of the key features of WMS is reporting. You business is as good as your data. Hence, advanced reporting capabilities of WMS software like ebizframe WMS helps you make smarter purchase decisions.


A WMS Software must be intuitive and user-friendly. Unfortunately, warehouse management systems are frequently not very user-friendly. Lots of users complain about spending a major part of their working day flickering from one screen to another. The efficiency your warehouse personnel depends largely on how easily they are able to manage the operations with the software. Thus, you need to make sure that WMS software must be easy-to-use and flexible to match your workforce requirements.

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