An Organization’s Guide for selecting the Best ERP Software

Selecting a Best ERP Software for an organization is much more complicated than getting a suit tailored accurately to your size. There are myriad ERP vendors in the market boasting their solution to be the best fit for your needs. In any ERP implementation, the stakes are very high. Firstly, the ERP Solution is very expensive and secondly, the re-alignment of processes brought by the ERP may not suit the organization as expected. Failed ERP implementations can even drag the organization backward instead of delivering growth as expected from an ERP System. In such a scenario it becomes imperative for any organization to carefully evaluate various vendors and select the ERP Solution which best aligns with their requirements. Some critical factors to be considered in this situation are:

  • Business Assessment– ERP is not merely augmentation software which only enhances the performance of any organization. Sometimes implementing an ERP system in a non-feasible business can make simple processes even more complex and time-consuming, ultimately turning out to be catastrophic to the health of the business. Therefore, any business planning to deploy an ERP Solution should have a clear idea about their requirements and the expected benefits from the proposed ERP implementation.
  • Form an ERP Selection Team– Selecting the best ERP software for your enterprise is not a one man’s job. It should be a well-thought decision where members from different departments should come together and form a team which evaluates available options with respect to their respective wish lists.
  • Evaluate Business Requirements and prioritize them– The selected team should evaluate the requirements from different departments’ perspectives and arrange them in order of priority since an ERP Software procurement is a costly affair and important needs must be dealt first.
  • Determine Selection Criteria– A selection criteria along with a scoring system can be prepared to score the ERP Solutions from different vendors. Higher the score more is the ERP Solution expected to fulfill your requirements.
  • Shortlist Vendors and seek Demo– Once vendors have been scored, the top vendors can be shortlisted and called for live DEMOs. Live Demos help an organization figure out various aspects of the ERP Software System like User Interface, the time took through traversal of various screens to complete a process, Graphs, Analytics, Look and Feel, etc.
  • Finalize Vendor– A highly suitable solution with exceptionally high cost may not fit in the budget of the organization. The selection team needs to establish a balance between the allocated budget and fitment of an ERP Solution to their needs and select the right ERP Solution which addresses both and is the best worth for money.
  • Award the contract and develop roadmap– Once the vendor is finalized, a roadmap for ERP software implementation should be prepared. The selection team must also inquire about the implementation methodology and the time-frame of implementation since ERPs have a bad image for prolonged implementations making it a painstaking process.

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