Best ERP Software For Chemical Industry

ebizframe ERP Software for Chemical Industry is a future-ready, agile, and robust software integrated with advanced technology. Its technological capabilities such as business intelligence, and robotic process automation facilitate enterprises in managing existing as well as future planned business with integration of development, increased productivity and revenue, cost competitiveness, and multiple portfolios of products and services. Further, it brings digital transformation to the business processes with streamlined workflows and transparency.

Chemical Industry and Its sub-categories

The chemical businesses are engaged in manufacturing and dealing with industrial chemicals. The industry converts raw materials such as natural gas, water, air, metals, oil, and minerals into more than 70,000 different semi-finished or finished products. Various subcategories of the chemical industry that contributes significantly to the world economy are:

  • Inorganic and organic chemical industry
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Wholesaling Industry
  • Soap & Cleaning Compound Manufacturing Industry
  • Chemical Product Manufacturing Industry
  • Dye & Pigment Manufacturing Industry
  • Pesticide Manufacturing Industry
  • Agrochemicals industry

Role of ERP Software for Chemical Industry

The social and environmental effects of the chemical industries and their complex processes make it more difficult for businesses to manage and grow simultaneously. Chemical companies have to adhere to and follow stricter regulations and norms including a large documentation process. Intelligent ERP Software for Chemical Industry is the most effective tool to address most of the management and operational challenges these businesses face. It facilitates the chemical manufacturers to integrate industry-specific processes with transparency and effective management across their business units and locations.

In addition, one of the key components in the chemical business is following hundreds of formulas that emphasize the need for data management software to keep and access the data as per requirements. Let’s look at the following aspects of the business ERP Software for Chemical Industry helps in improving:

  • Compliance
  • Connected Data and Automation
  • Lab management
  • Transparency
  • Productivity
  • Resource Management
  • Mobile Accessibility
  • Data Analysis

For the chemical industries, the proven successful roadmap to face the above-mentioned challenges is the adoption of advanced technologies, digital integration of business units, and automation of functions and business analysis.

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Key challenges of Chemical Industry ERP addresses

The particular ways of working processes, and how they are done and tracked, are some of the reasons chemical companies face various challenges in managing their operations. With the Right ERP System and the right technology partner, chemical manufacturers can achieve the full potential of their business in alignment with competitive quality standards, industrial compliance, and long-term profitability. ERP Software for Chemical Industry is successful in addressing the following challenges across chemical industries:

  • Price variations in commodity prices
  • Centralized formula management
  • Laboratory management
  • Documentation of regulatory compliance
  • Disconnected departments
  • Accessibility to required data
  • Resource optimization
  • Chemical formulation analysis

Important Modules for Chemical Industry

Advanced ERP software has the following modules specific to the chemical industry:

  • Material Management
  • Chemical Formulation Management
  • Planning & Production
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Sales & Marketing
  • HR & Administration
  • Plant Maintenance

Why do chemical manufacturers choose ebizframe ERP Software? 

ebizframe ERP Software for Chemical Industry in Chemical enterprises is digitalizing and automating their processes with enhanced business intelligence, automation, mobile accessibility, and strong technical security capabilities. Along with chemicals, it is widely used in many industries across Africa, South-East Asia, India, the Middle East, the Americas, and many other countries. Designed and developed by Eastern Software System, ebizframe ERP is appreciated for its multiple functionalities, integration capabilities, fast implementation, cost-effectiveness, and customer support.

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