Enterprise Resource Planning is a powerful solution for controlling and monitoring all industrial processes. ERP Software for Material Management is strongly reliant on its modules. Material management is a critical aspect of ERP software. The inventory, quantity of goods, raw materials, produced items, and material requirements are all managed by the material management module. The material management module streamlines the Supply Chain Management process. Obtaining the appropriate amount of raw material for the Supply Chain can result in effective operations and manufacturing processes.

ERP Software for Material Management is the function of a business that is primarily concerned with planning, organizing, and controlling the flow of materials from their initial purchase to the service point. It includes Materials Planning, Purchasing, Inventory Planning, Storage, Inventory Control, Transportation, and Materials Handling.

ERP Software for Material Management simplifies all industrial tasks. ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software for Material Management has been applied in a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, steel, coal, and cement. ebizframe ERP Software for Material Management focuses on the industry's real-time material requirements. The Material Management module, also known as the inventory management module, records all inventory data in real-time so that access material is not ordered and funds are not wasted. This module has a significant influence on industrial working processes. ERP Software for Material Management is the quintessential solution for an enterprise to handle all such complexities with ease.

The advantages of using ERP Software for Material Management

  • Bin Management:

    Bin Management is a crucial function of ERP Software for Material Management. The inventory can be easily stored in preferred bins within the rack system of the warehouse so that during the order fulfillment process the items can be easily traced and picked. Whether the goods are being received, issued, or transferred, modern ERP solutions with powerful Material Management capabilities like ebizframe, can enable automated as well as manual allocation of goods to and from the bin locations. Based on the minimum inventory levels that the company sets, the bin replenishment can also be automated, due to which stock-outs can be kept at bay.

    Also, a comprehensive ERP Solution like ebizframe provides multi-layered classification and grouping/sub-grouping to multiple levels, which lends flexibility to the grouping information and traceability of an item.

  • Inventory Valuation:

    Many small to mid-size businesses often take Inventory Valuation lightly. An accurate valuation of Inventory is crucial for initiating prudent strategic decisions. It can be easily done by an ERP System with a strong Inventory Management functionality. Inventory Valuation includes costs that are incurred to get the item ready for sale, like material expenses, direct labour, freight, handling, import duties, etc. The valuation methods could be FIFO, LIFO, and Weighted Average.

  • Multi-Location Inventory:

    As a business expands into multiple warehouses, stores, and/or offices, accurate monitoring of inventory levels in each of its locations becomes a prerequisite and gives them a strategic advantage over its competitors. A powerful Material Management module in ERP Software for Material Management can let users track inventory in multiple locations. It can let users find locations with specific parts, product categories, analyze Inventory Valuation, and figure out seasonal and location-based trends in demand.

  • Lot/Serial No. Traceability:

    An ERP Software for Material Management can help users effectively manage the allotment of lots or Serial Numbers for item parts as well as Finished Goods, from receipt to shipment. From the time an item is received from the vendor until the time it is shipped to the customer, an ERP for Materials Management maintains the complete record, and users can instantly access information pertaining to a specific lot/Serial Number. Users can view the entire history of the transactions as well. This greatly helps in traceability in general and in cases of Sales Returns/Field Issues and identifying the problem to its source.

  • Product Life cycle management:

    Every product has a life cycle that it goes through during the manufacturing process. New and creative items are critical to the company's survival. Analyzing the product's success rate is critical. Product Life Cycle Management aids in determining a new product's success rate and efficacy. It can also assist in deciding which items need to be updated in order to save resources.

    ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software for Material Management allows for continuous product monitoring and analysis. The program assists the industry in determining which items are lucrative and which products sell at a higher rate than others.

In Nutshell

ERP Software for Material Management provides numerous benefits for material management. It streamlines the entire supply chain, from procurement to production to delivery, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs. With real-time tracking and accurate inventory control, companies can make informed decisions and respond quickly to changes in demand.

Additionally, Cloud ERP Software for Material Management provides visibility and collaboration across departments, allowing for better communication and coordination. The integration of all business processes within one system also provides a single source of truth, reducing the risk of errors and promoting data consistency. Investing in an ERP system is a smart choice for any company looking to improve its material management and overall operations.

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