Digital transformation is all around us, digital technologies are impacting all aspects of the business. The influence of digital transformation on small- to medium-sized enterprises is expanding. In today’s era adoption of digital transformation has become an essential part to overcome the challenges of any business and the successful adoption of Intelligent ERP Software has become an essential aspect of the business.

How Intelligent ERP Software Is a Value Addition to your Business?

The advent of the pandemic has accelerated immeasurable changes in the usage of technology. We all admit that Intelligent ERP Software has now become the heartbeat of any organisation. Many studies indicate that new intelligence systems are taking the role of today's record systems. Intelligent ERP is the culmination of numerous cutting-edge technologies. Intelligent ERP helps in overcoming the additional obstacles faced by any organisation.

ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software –Your Partner in Digital Transformation

ebizframe ERP Software is a flexible & scalable business solution that ensures continuous growth for the organisation. ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software provides flexibility to integrate all aspects of business without interfering with regular business activities. The business processes and rules of an organisation are typically dynamic in nature and can be accommodated by ebizframe ERP's flexibility. ebizframe ERP is a personalised software that has catered to 25+ industry verticals and has served the needs of 20+ countries' global customers.

Why choose ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software?

ebizframe ERP Solutions helps the world run better and improves the speed, and accuracy of Business Transactions. Here are some of the salient features of ebizframe ERP.

Ensuring Control over Business

ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software comes with In-built Mobile Apps. Now, you can relax and operate a business at the same time from anywhere in the world and anytime with mobility functionality. This ERP is device agnostic. Users can get instant updates & notifications and can have access to their ERP 24*7.

Automate Manual repetitive tasks

How much time do you waste on automating repetitive tasks? Businesses can increase productivity and cut expenses by implementing automation. ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software has come up with a feature that reduces human work. ERP software comes with embedded bots with configurable workflows that can easily be set up for different business functions and departments. It reduces time & enhances productivity, also increasing profitability.

Integration with Social Media Channels

ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software is integrated with Social Media channels including WhatsApp, telegram, E-mail., and Message. You may transmit documents, alerts, updates, and real-time notifications to your stakeholders like vendors and employees. It will also facilitate you to communicate better with your customers.

Identify & Address the pain areas and Track Opportunities

For any organization, it’s hard to detect the main cause of the downfall of a business. ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software has reduced this gap with the Embedded Business Intelligence tool in your ERP. The functionalities like Dashboards and Flexi reporting enable users to track their deliverables. The slice-and-dice ability of Flexi reporting gives you a plethora of reports for better business insights and visualizations. This technology uncovers hidden information such as market trends, and customer preferences that can further benefit, making higher revenue.

In a Nutshell

In order to achieve this degree of intelligence, an operational basis for future innovation is necessary. Eastern Software Solutions envisions the global market, puts itself in the position of the customer, and creates user-friendly, industry-specific solutions. Its deep expertise is to deliver a customized digital enterprise solution with the flexibility to enhance its performance with add-on advanced technologies of RPA, BI, IoT, and Mobile Apps. To experience all the benefits, get in touch with us at

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