Every business today is growing at an exponential pace. The digital revolution has changed the way businesses are run and the way they interact with customers. With this change, businesses need to adopt new strategies that would help them maximize their potential and stay ahead of the competition. Intelligent ERP integration with POS is one such strategy that helps a retailer improve their business performance by increasing sales, reducing cost, and improving customer experience.

The retail industry has many challenges in terms of managing inventory, employee performance, and maintaining smooth supply chain operations. Intelligent ERP integration with POS can help overcome these challenges by providing a complete solution for all business processes including forecasting, planning, and selling products from warehouses to consumers at the touch of a button through mobile apps or any other device connected to the internet.

Why ERP integration with POS has become significantly important?

A point-of-sale system is now used by companies that handle client direct sales, such as stores and e-commerce merchants. POS systems serve as a major entry point for critical corporate data, such as sales transactions, customer information, and real-time inventory modifications when items are sold.

When a company's front-end POS system, which handles client transactions, is separated from its back-office ERP system, which handles fundamental operational procedures, prospects for growth are lost.

Indeed, a POS that is not linked with the organization's ERP causes a slew of issues. These include delays in inventory tracking and reordering, redundant operations (such as needing to update inventory and price in both systems), time and resources squandered, and a failure to maintain customer information up to date across two systems — including payment information, contact information, and transaction history.

These issues are addressed by integrating the two systems. In reality, businesses that run their ERP and POS systems as a single, seamless integrated system may easily simplify processes. This is especially useful for businesses with many physical locations, as well as those who have moved into e-commerce or are only online merchants.

What are the benefits of ERP integration with POS?

  1. Improved Distribution Management and Total Inventory Awareness

    When POS systems and Intelligent ERP systems are integrated, businesses receive complete visibility into their whole operations, including sales, stock, inventory levels, and budgets. This implies that managers can base critical choices on incoming data. For example, when a given amount of sales are made at a certain location (whether physical or online) in the POS system, the information in the back-office Intelligent ERP is instantly updated in real time. Based on precise, up-to-date statistics, the management may then decide whether to place orders or restock inventories.

  2. Improved Forecasting and Human Management

    ERP integration with POS Systems allows for the effective use of the system as a tool for anticipating and enhancing seasonal inventory orders based on previous data. This implies that a sufficient supply of high-demand products is always accessible during critical sales times. Furthermore, the opportunity to plan additional workers during peak sales periods is available – all from inside the same system.

  3. Real-Time Data Accuracy

    One of the most significant benefits of ERP integration with POS is ensuring that all corporate data is updated and accurate. Integration removes the possibility of a human mistake from manual data entry across corporate activities — as well as delays in those updates taking effect.

  4. Increase in Customer Satisfaction

    Another advantage of integration is that the company may gain a greater understanding of its customers' purchasing behaviours, which can lead to better experiences and, eventually, more sales. Furthermore, as retail firms start on digital transformation projects to expand into e-Commerce, ERP integration with POS allows the company to provide clients with a greater selection of purchase options. Customers can be offered the opportunity to buy online and pick up in-store (BOPUS) in addition to in-store purchases and online orders, while the two connected systems guarantee the firm has a hold on all critical data.

Why choose ebizframe Intelligent ERP?

The business world is evolving every day and there are new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. While it’s easy to think that the only solution is to go with a POS system, there are other options available that could help you make the most of your staff and resources without spending a fortune on hardware or software. One example might be ERP integration with POS Systems.

ebizframe Intelligent ERP with an advanced POS App, giving your business the flexibility you want. Gone are the days, when the POS system was implemented as a standalone system. Organizations are no longer required to invest in a separate system for Point of Sale.

ebizframe Intelligent ERP with POS App offers a complete package to drive your business to new heights of growth. From user-defined access, generation of invoices, complete visibility to cash flow and inventory to on-field geological tracking of Salesforce attendance, ebizframe Intelligent ERP does it all. Apart from this, ebizframe Intelligent ERP is embedded with Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Business Intelligence (BI), the Internet of Things (IoT), and Mobile Apps disrupting the usage of traditional ERP systems completely. Intelligent ERP is a holistic enterprise system that empowers you and proactively identifies areas of improvement or opportunities for expansion while maintaining high quality and standards in your business. Furthermore, it facilitates you in your intelligent and timely decisions in all areas of the business, including finance, HR, marketing, inventory and supply chain management, customer relationship management (CRM), project management, and more.

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