Process manufacturing produces products that cannot be reversed by mixing raw ingredients or ingredients according to recipe instructions. Process Manufacturing Companies have their hands full when it comes to complexity. Such complexities require Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry. The prime focus of Process Manufacturing is on their ingredients, volumes, and weights. An Intelligent ERP can track even the minute changes to these attributes during production. Another distinguishing feature that an Intelligent ERP system must possess is the flexibility to adapt to different measuring units and conversions that may produce outputs in decimals.

ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry relies on speed to produce large quantities of products. In addition to regular material management, this demands the precise use of existing equipment. Process manufacturing is not distinct in nature. One of the challenges in the Process Manufacturing Industry is that many primary processes branch out into various secondary processes while creating intermediate products along the way that are not part of the inventory.

Additionally, the flexibility of ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry allows it to support the irregular mode of production that frequently modifies the overall chemistry of the materials used.

The critical parts of Process Manufacturing ERP are Quality Management and Quality Assurance. The need to carefully plan procedures to meet quality requirements. The efficient operation of a company depends on an ERP System that manages audit data and produces reports on an enterprise’s non-conformity to the quality standards. Fortunately, ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry has a powerful Quality Reporting Module that enables a business to comply with all quality standards.

With ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing, you get the most comprehensive solution on the market. The goal of process manufacturing optimization is the integration of Supply Chain Management, precise monitoring of raw materials, materials requirement planning, inventory control, or reducing production waste.

Let us explore how Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry helps to tackle challenges:

  • Manages complicated production recipes:

    You can create a production method that is completely individualized and adaptable to your needs. ebizframe ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry automatically incorporates the final yield (along with any scrapped amounts) of each production run into all cost calculations because the final yield of each run plays a significant role in determining the true cost of your products. Each recipe can also have labour costs based on the activity added.

  • Keeps track of raw materials:

    The utilization of resources and semi-finished goods during the production process can be recorded using ebizframe. Using an Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry, people can track materials connected to the end product. When a production line has a lot of rejections or errors, it can benefit the problem-solving process. You can avoid spending money in the future if you can identify if the issue is with the materials or the machine.

  • Manages the integrated supply chain:

    With the help of an ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry, businesses can evaluate their current methods for handling materials and look into any potential inefficiencies. With the help of apps, submodules, and other technology that can facilitate better data access and streamline procedures, ebizframe can be utilized to handle these inefficiencies. This results in a more profitable operation and better efficiency.

  • Provides flexibility in the manufacturing process:

    Manufacturers can adapt to constant changes in their business and regulatory environments with the help of flexible ERP software. The ability to manage manufacturer information systems to implement process modifications is no longer a concern. A business can modify and expand business processes across the enterprise with the help of ebizframe.

  • Manage Product formula changes:

    Bills of material, revisions, and associated costs can all be added and maintained, overage and degradation factors can be set up, and batch yields can be defined with the help of ebizframe.

  • Manages the traceability of items and raw materials:

    Dashboards offered by ebizframe make it simple to examine important indications related to the use and storage of goods. These technologies make it simple to track important data like inventory quantities, value, and storage location in real-time. With the aid of this data, managers may quickly assess the state of the manufacturing processes as well as pertinent trends. These address potential risk regions, variations in raw material use over time, and the company's present raw material storage practices.

  • Keeps production waste to a minimum:

    Moreover, supervisors confirm that consumed inventory matches the Bill of Materials (BOM), guaranteeing that raw materials used are before the expiration dates. Any of these could have an issue, resulting in waste and lower profits for your organization.

    The Process Manufacturing Industry faces a number of challenges, including recipe scalability, traceability, and variable production output. ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry is ideal for your business because it enables you to meet stringent regulatory standards and better serve customers than traditional options, regardless of the material you use for the manufacturing process.

    ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry is what you need to succeed, whether you are dealing with a single manufacturing process or a multi-process application. The business specialists plan the products by remembering every one of the prerequisites of cycle fabrication and are furnished with all unique elements expected to deal with everyday difficulties in the business exercises.


ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Process Manufacturing Industry with advanced technologies RPA, BI, Mobile Apps, and IoT has been in the market for the past 30 years. Manufacturers use the enhanced predictive analytics feature of ebizframe ERP to spot trends and outliers in consumers and goods, anticipate and account for supply chain interruptions or changes, and manage assets to optimize production schedules and reduce equipment downtime. Also, Cross-organizational platforms with user-friendly dashboards enable internal cooperation and informed choices, which may dramatically enhance production.

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