Evaluation Criteria for Business Intelligence Tools

Businesses today are seeking to fully leverage the reservoir of data at their disposal. To do so, they need a robust analytics tool that can empower the entire enterprise. To truly become an intelligent enterprise you need an analytics platform that supports business agility without sacrificing security Every business is different and has entirely different needs. Evaluation Criteria for Business Intelligence Tools requires you to keep a few things in mind such as company size, long-term and short-term goals when choosing a BI tool.  Here are a few things to consider when evaluating a modern analytics tool

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1. Can it be integrated with your existing systems?

A good BI tool should give you the ability to deploy your analytics wherever you want—in the cloud, on-premises. A Business Intelligence tool integrate seamlessly with your existing ERP or other management software instead of having you change or buy additional products. It should also embed easily into your company portals and other enterprise applications so you can meet your users wherever they are.

Business Intelligence tools


2. Can you visually explore your data?

Evaluation Criteria for Business Intelligence Tools  – Data visualization is one of the most important aspects of a Business Intelligence tool. A modern BI tool should let you visually explore your data, offering visual feedback in order to uncover insights that would not be possible otherwise. It should also enable you to share your findings by creating visually appealing and easy-to-understand dashboards and give multi-dimensional analysis on through visual and dynamic dashboards providing you useful business insights.

3. Is there dependence on the IT department?

One of the many trends emerging in Business Intelligence is the move toward self-service. Over the past decade some of the leading software are the ones that have empowered non-technical users with a wide-range of reporting tools. Similarly, you must look for a BI solutions that offers very compelling functionality that empowers absolutely anyone to create and access BI reports, queries, and analytics themselves without having to rely on the IT department.

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4. Do they provide advanced analytics?

As the analytics landscape continues to evolve and enters into artificial intelligence and machine learning, you need to ensure that your BI tool is capable of taking you to the next milestones of your analytics journey. Access to predictive analytics, data mining are important for any growing businesses or businesses with expansion plans. Look for a BI software that can prepare you for the future and tool that can mine data and use that information to predict growth, areas of concern and opportunities for improvement.

5. Infrastructure & architecture

Technology is changing quickly and it is imperative that you keep up its pace. Choose a Business Intelligence tool that is fast, scalable, and continuously evolving, incorporating new features and technologies as they emerge.

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