How ERP Software can bolster the FMCG Industry?

Without a shadow of a doubt, The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Sector is a highly competitive sector with costs built in at every stage of the value chain.In such a competitive space, the challenge remains to establish a satisfactory customer engagement. Many FMCG organizations miss the mark in this regard as they focus more on the pricing and positioning of their products rather than the product itself or its packaging.  The organizations that are prudent, make use of an ERP Software for FMCG Industry without any hesitation so that they do not lose any opportunity to sell because of prevalent shortfalls in their product or its packaging.

FMCG Companies need to align with their customer preferences based on timely and accurate customer feedback and then align their Product Development and Manufacturing accordingly. A quintessential ERP Software for FMCG Industry can help organizations foresee, plan and manage the demand for innovative consumer goods and products.

FMCG organizations handle a large number of SKUs and markets at any given time which requires a detailed understanding of demographics as well as geographic locations, so that distribution logistics can be aligned. An excellent ERP Solution like ebizframe can give you accurate insights to assist in figuring out which products/SKUs are being sold in which areas, seasonal fluctuations, time-trends and consumer preferences. This helps an organization to execute a much better backward and forward planning linking the Manufacturing and Distribution Operations.

A comprehensive end-to-end ERP Software for FMCG Industry addressing all functions right from Supply Chain to Retail specially designed for FMCG can easily cater to requirements like Retail Trends, Distribution, BOM-Revision/Amendment, Delivery Date Management, Sequencing and Scheduling, Multiple Production Routes Planning, Batch Management, Traceability, Return Material Authorization, Pick-Pack-Ship Management, etc. It can let organizations plan Distribution Logistics of consumer goods and lets them overcome challenges that they face on a daily basis.  It can become an end-to-end Distribution Management Solution which is not restricted to only resource planning but also providing impeccable Budget Planning, Financial Management, Product Management, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, etc. Therefore, selecting a unified ERP solution like ebizframe ERP for FMCG can help>an organization transform into an information-driven and proactive organization. It also has a SFA Mobile App (Sales Force Automation) which is seamlessly integrated with the ERP. It helps reduce the Order Capturing and Order Replenishment time significantly.

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