Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia has seen a surge in adoption in the past few years. Due to its leading position in the textile and apparel industry, Indonesia is rapidly becoming a global hub for clothing manufacturing and trading. The textile industry involves many complex and time-consuming manual processes, ranging from raw material sourcing to intermediate production (yarn, woven fabric/knit, and finishing processes) to sewing (products such as apparel, home textiles, carpets, and industrial fabrics). To simplify processes and be on top of textile process management, textile enterprises are increasingly implementing Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia that handles all kinds of textile business needs. Let’s explore it in more detail!

Why does the Textile & Apparel Industry need Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia?

Any business’ performance is directly related to customer satisfaction and relationship with the companies. As customers’ buying patterns and behaviour are changing so quickly than ever before, textile and clothing industries also need to synchronize their business strategy and technological development to respond promptly to those changes. It can be effectively done with an ERP system that gives you the ability to integrate, access, automate, and analyse your data instantly. Apart from this, there are various challenges that Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia can help enterprises to deal with such as

  • From one to many- Textile businesses use a few raw materials to manufacture countless finished products. It involves a complex value chain.
  • Diversity and complexity of processes- Garment factories have highly specialized phases where each process from spinning to packaging has specific production parameters that need to be streamlined and connected for uninterrupted productivity.
  • Visibility-For better quality control, it requires tracking production stages from initial to end across the manufacturing processes starting from a finished good.
  • Unsynchronized production line-Machines with different cycle times and batch sizes can make scheduling a challenge as the actual routings may change from order to order.
  • Units of measure & inventories-There is no unit of measurement applicable to the entire supply chain, multiple inventory levels from batches to a cone of yarn etc.
  • Short delivery time-Long production processes and short delivery time requires planning concepts driven by a partially defined demand and not from a finished item.

Intelligent textile ERP Solution like ebizframe caters to all industry sub-segments including

  • Warping
  • Sizing
  • Weaving/knitting
  • Garments
  • Dyeing
  • Processing
  • Finishing
  • Retail
  • Merchandising
  • Procurement
  • Production Planning
  • Costing

Here are some of the areas of the textile business where ebizframe-Intelligent ERP can be used:

  • Procurement:Requisition, approvals, purchase order creation, receiving goods through receiving a document.
  • Task Allocation: Manual allocation of work in a vast sector like textile is tedious and time-consuming. An efficient textile ERP solution can help you in reducing the operational cost thereby automating work orders, purchase orders, and bills of materials (BOMs). It results in improved time management and reduced human efforts.
  • Customer Relationship Management:Customer information can be stored in a single system and retrieved when needed. This helps in accessing the needed information instantly. Also, customer queries, feedback, and requests can be tracked and addressed by the manufacturers in real-time with the help of Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia which results in a streamlined business environment.
  • Finance Management: In the textile industry, cooperation between each department is imperative for efficient management. An Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia can solve the issues related to accounting and manage every finance process including accounts payable and receivables, revenue, expenses, and more.
  • Real-Time Data Management:Invoices and reports can be recorded, managed, and maintained in a single system. This helps in preventing data loss and ensures that the data is updated and secure. Users can meet customer demands with an all-in-one textile ERP platform that helps to store data records such as orders purchases and sales, fact sheets, HR files, etc. in real-time and use them for future reference.

There are many other areas apart from the above-mentioned ones ERP Software Provider Company can help. It has been proved that Intelligent ERP Software in Indonesia is an essential tool for any manufacturing sector, especially it can be mentioned without any doubt that ERP System is imperative in the textile and apparel industry, as in this sector the finished products are outcomes of many interlinked processes in the supply chain involving different factory types and a good number of people in this process.

Why ebizframe Intelligent ERP software in Indonesia is the preferred choice of Textile and Garment Enterprises?

ebizframe Intelligent ERP software in Indonesia for the Textile and Garment Industry is designed to handle complete needs in the most efficient, effective & accurate way across industries including textile which has now a substantial impact on most emerging countries, like India, south-east Asia countries-Indonesia, Malaysia, and African countries- Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, etc. Our Intelligent ERP has continuously evolved as to changing business users’ demands across countries. We are committed to providing industry- and country-specific, comprehensive, and robust ERP solutions for Textile and other industries.

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