As fast-growing organizations aim to a resilient business that drives cost savings, risk reduction, innovation, and immediate insights, many cross-industry enterprises embrace Intelligent Enterprise Resource Management-ERP as the result-proven digital solution. It establishes a foundation for business automation and data analytics with synchronized business processes.

In today’s fast-paced digital-age world, there is a lot that every business has to do including-

  • Keep up with the tune of market changes.
  • Integrate end-to-end processes like manufacturing and supplying chain.
  • Meet legal and compliance regulations of the industry.
  • Enhance customer experience.
  • Improve business performance and productivity.
  • Capture large amounts of data on everything from minute operative details to inventory levels, product sales, revenue, regular updates on turnover, and more.

Aiming to achieve all these business objectives, businesses are modernizing their core business processes with Intelligent ERP’s secure and scalable ‘next-gen’ RPA, BI, and IoT applications. Its advanced capabilities allow you to automate tedious tasks, capture, and analyze real-time data from vehicles, shop floors, retail floors, sensors, and other equipment, identify trends and patterns, improve supply-chain efficiency, and build other operational resiliency.

Key Benefits of Intelligent ERP-ebizframe For Enterprises:

  • Allocate resources and budget to current and emerging markets
  • Data-driven marketing strategies and planning
  • Leverage global market trends and tap emerging markets
  • Equip users to quickly analyze data and assemble it in meaningful dashboards for efficient collaboration
  • Data sets that can speak with other sets give a valued birds-eye view of the whole business
  • BI dashboard that presents data of all disparate business systems

Intelligent ERP-A Blueprint for Digital Transformation

ERP has been the driving force of Digital transformation for many years. With innovations and advancements in technology, traditional ERP has been evolved to Intelligent ERP which is a cloud-based model enables businesses to make on-the-fly changes in business operations to the changing demands quickly. Also known as software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP, it gives organizations the needed agility to sustain and embrace ‘next-gen technologies’ which can drive innovation and digital transformation.

cloud-based Intelligent ERP-ebizframe provides a single software platform that multiple customers share. While each client’s data is securely fenced off from other subscribers—one customer can’t access another’s financial records. It provides a blueprint to address key challenges and opportunities to fast-growing businesses in the digitally driven business landscape. Let’s discuss How Cloud ERP became a blueprint for digital transformation:

Digitize and Update End-To-End Business Processes

Cloud-based ERP allows companies to eliminate areas of inefficiency and redundancy in the existing workflows and business processes. By digitizing and updating end-to-end business processes including sales, purchase, finance, inventory, accounting, and more, the intelligent ERP gives a level of agility that you never had before. It is a goal of every business today, because everything is changing so quickly, and the risk of disruption is more likely than ever before.

Faster Access to New Technologies

Cloud ERP has the functionality to integrate with other software tools and applications. It provides faster access to emerging technologies like RPA, BI, and IoT to its users. Companies can automate their business processes with applications like RPA to create “smart” processes that deliver high performance, accuracy, and compliance.

More Time to Focus on Business Transformation.

Industry experts say that the RPA and BI technology got a boost because IT professionals and data analysts were able to devote less time to manage servers and collect data respectively. As the cloud-based intelligent ERP integrates RPA and BI applications, the IT and data analyst team can get more time to focus on innovative opportunities than on handling tedious processes.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

It is not possible for all companies to maintain a team of IT security professionals and constantly train them to fully defend themselves against the ever-changing world of intrusion and cyber security threats. By adopting cloud ERP, enterprises can reduce this risk as the cloud provider takes this responsibility. It also helps to meet regulatory compliance by gathering required documentation for auditors.

Why Choose ESS For Intelligent ERP Solutions?

Cloud-based Intelligent ERP Solutions Provider- Eastern Software Solutions empowers organizations to keep up with the dynamic technologies to drive business excellence with agility and innovations. Leveraging on our decades of global industry experience, we provide industry-leading Intelligent ERP - ebizframe on cloud to meet demands of all scales of enterprises and types of industries including manufacturing, FMCG, retail, Healthcare, Printing and Packaging, and many more seamlessly.

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