The pandemic-triggered economic disruption has battered the fortunes of many tech billionaires; however, some enterprises, especially in the retail industry, have managed to stay ahead of rivals and gain remarkable growth by adapting to changes in customer expectations. These retailers turned unfavourable economic conditions into a boon and continued to derive their wealth using specially designed Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry.

With enhanced Business Intelligence (BI) capability, Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry enables enterprises to connect with their customers in many innovative ways and keep them engaged at every point of sales or touch point. The best business practices require successful ERP software that can improve customer loyalty programs, point of sale, optimization, buyers' shopping experiences, and increase brand promotion.

Let’s explore how Intelligent ERP-ebizframe helps retailers to create successful customer loyalty programs:

Create Successful Customer Loyalty Programs with ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry

Customer loyalty programs are crucial for increasing customer retention rate which results in increased sales. Here, we explain 5 keyways ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry can help you build customer loyalty and retention programs:

Customer Analytics-Reveal Customers’ Spending Patterns

Real customer loyalty requires you to understand what your customers are buying and not buying. To meet this, you need Retail ERP Software to provide you with customer analytics. Integrated with Power BI, ebizframe ERP can give you real-time visibility into your customers’ buying habits, so you can see patterns and be more responsive to their needs. Hence, you can-

  • Align your distribution activities with customers’ demands eliminating running out-of or over-stock scenarios
  • Make your contact personalized and tailored to each customer’s needs and behaviour
  • Fill gaps in the product mix within your customer’s spending habits
  • Identify sales opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling with complementary products and discount offers
  • Increase your customers’ basket sales
  • Create bundled offers and discounts for loyal customers

Store Segmentation Analytics

Using ebizframe’s Retail ERP built-in advanced data analytics techniques, retailers can segment stores based on their geographic location, type, size, footfalls, transactions, product range, and services offered. Store Segmentation Analytics help you to-

  • Develop the right marketing mix and promotional campaigns to target the right customer segments.
  • Improve store experiences by adapting to rising customer expectations, and detecting market opportunities and trends.
  • Optimize store resources based on customer demographics and analysis of customer engagement.

Improve Customer Service

When you understand the customers’ buying needs and behaviors, you can raise customer service to a new level. Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry Solutions allows you to drill into the numbers to answer queries, assess the data, and then implement strategies to address customer concerns before they even think about looking elsewhere for your offered products and services.

Social Media Analytics

Another business strategy to improve customer loyalty programs is through analyzing social media data. Social media channels are becoming a powerful tool for engaging with existing as well as prospective customers. ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry can integrate your social media data and present it in easy-to-understand dashboards and reports that can be further drilled down. Based on the outcomes, you can reward your followers with premium customer discounts, offers, and useful tips, and also inform them about the latest updates about the organization.

Evaluate Your Success with Metrics

Using an especially curated Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry with integrated CRM can also give you analytics and reports on the success of your customer loyalty programs and retention initiatives. You can analyse your customer retention rate and calculate your customer lifetime value.

Moreover, you can also see which marketing campaigns result in the most traffic and conversion. And, of course, you can segment the data based on customer behaviour, geographic location, and many other ways which may be important to your business's future marketing efforts.

Wrap Up

Be proactive and stay ahead of your rivals by regularly monitoring customer behavior at all points of sale. The ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Retail Industry can help you consolidate customer data and create competitive customer loyalty programs to provide a great experience to your customers. Eastern Software Solutions ERP solution will streamline complex customer data and processes for returns and exchanges, order changes, and other customer issues. To find out more about how the ebizframe ERP system can help you create customer loyalty programs, contact us at

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