The sugar industry is largely regulated and demanded by many industries, but there are also numerous uncertainties, including weather (rainfall), government policies, regulatory changes, and global demand dynamics. The handling of sugar production, therefore, poses a greater challenge and is highly risky. Thus, the advent of Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry, makes the process transparent and easily accessible to all.

The Sugar Industry is a sugar and bi-products manufacturing industry from sugarcane that comes under agro-products involving a lot of processes and stages before it hits the market for end customers. The multi-staged manufacturing industry has to manage the procurement of sugarcane from the farmers or the cultivation of sugarcane on a large scale to deliver packed sugar to end buyers/consumers.

One of the first stages of work is the extraction of sugarcane juice and boiling the juice to produce sugar crystals. Other stages or processes, including the crystallization of sugar and its packaging, will accompany the grinding of the sugar crystals and followed by refining and washing. With a set of complicated and complex processes involved until the final stage, the sugar mill industry requires an advanced Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry, which can actually reduce the manual workload and pressure on the management side. Only the best intelligent ERP can effectively support the purchase, production, Bill of Materials preparation, quality check, packaging, and delivery in the industry.

An Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry will improve its visibility, scalability, increased throughput and thereby helping the groundwork for higher efficiency within operations. An Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry helps organizations with quicker decision-making, optimized inventory, transparency, and best practices in standardizing the business process.

Why does the Sugar Industry need Intelligent ERP Software?

Sugar is an important household item and an essential raw material for various other industries too; hence, a robust and intelligent ERP system for the sugar industry is of very great importance. An Intelligent ERP for Sugar industry needs to be a set of advanced technologies that have helped various sugar companies in increasing efficiencies and improve overall productivity through automation and integration of their key processes.

  • No cross-verification on duplicate/error info for manual land registration.
  • Complicated cultivation data and its correlation with harvesting.
  • No control over the harvesting cycle along with the cutting of sugarcane.
  • Chances of fake payment through manipulation at Weighbridge.
  • Lack of integration between the production system and Weighbridge can lead to faulty stocks
  • During harvest time, Manual human-resource/manpower planning for unskilled employees
  • Monotonous process for tracking historical land or potential plot-wise yield
  • Challenges faced in handling the credit limit and loan limits
  • Delay in approval due to manual authorization
  • No tracking system on fuel consumption and allocation at In-House fuel pumps
  • Loan Calculation Errors (In-Cash as well as Services/Fertilizers)
  • Issues related to payments to OGR /Contractor on Time
  • Loan management
  • Dependency on individuals rather than processes

Modules have been designed in accordance with the needs and demands of the processes in ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry:

  • Out-grower/Farmers Manufacturing Management System.
  • Agriculture Management System
  • Weighbridge Management System
  • Plantation Management System
  • Harvest Management System
  • Interfacing with Collaborative Technology.
  • Out-grower/Farmers Accounting System.
  • Crop Stock Management System.
  • Quality & Lab Management Interfacing.
  • Crop Transport System

There are many other processes apart from the above-mentioned areas where intelligent ERP can help. It has been demonstrated that ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software for Sugar Industry is an essential tool for business growth. Especially when it can be stated unequivocally that ERP is a must in the sugar industry. As in this vertical, the finished products are the result of many interconnected processes in the supply chain that involve various types of packaging based on demand and a large number of workers at all stages.

Benefits of using ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry:

  • Land preparation & yield potential.
  • Agronomy and cane census.
  • Projected harvest plan
  • Fleets allocation & minimized missed trips.
  • Harvest Management System
  • Instant payment to farmers linked for automated Weighbridge.
  • Planning of services and supplies at the beginning of the sugarcane crop cycle.
  • Forecasting of sugarcane harvesting based on the company’s crushing target and its maturity period.
  • Deciding of fleets for sugarcane collection based on harvesting plan and evaluated yield report.
  • Integrated resource planning.
  • Decision-making that is both faster and more informed
  • Amount-based hierarchical authorization to avoid fraud.
  • “What–If” Analysis.
  • A complete audit trail of all transactions from farm to crushing to settlement.
  • Robust Data Integrity and security
  • Recommended cash-flow and fund-flow forecast with complete integration with borrowers and creditors.
  • Improved maintenance plans to reduce mechanical breakdown during the peak crushing season

Why ebizframe Intelligent ERP software is the preferred choice for Sugar Industry?

ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Sugar Industry is designed to handle complete needs in the most efficient, effective & accurate way across industries including Sugar. Most emerging countries, including India, South-East Asian countries (Malaysia, Indonesia), and African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and others) have embraced ebizframe Intelligent ERP software. Our ERP has continuously evolved into an intelligent system and as to changing business users’ demands across countries. We are committed to providing industry- and country-specific, comprehensive, and robust ERP solutions for Sugar and other industries.

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