The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most strictly regulated sectors. Pharmaceutical companies must adjust to the changes and make sure they are properly implemented. There are a number of procedures and guidelines that must be followed in pharmaceutical companies. Pharma Businesses thus engage in severe competition. Businesses in this sector require efficient operational workflow and system integration to operate at peak performance. Over the past 10 years, pharmaceutical industries have seen major changes as a result of competition from other sectors. The necessity of ERP for Pharma Industry has become more than ever due to the competitive nature of business.

The pharmaceutical business faces several issues connected to formula management in production. Maintaining formulas, formula lines, cross-checking data, controlling raw material supplies, and so on may be a demanding chore for those working on the shop floor. To ensure that the manufacturing process runs smoothly, every change in the formula must be notified and cascaded down to the production line operators. This can only be possible through the implementation of advanced technologies like Intelligent ERP for Pharma Industry.

Pharmaceutical firms have several difficulties, but formula management is one of the most significant. Utilizing Intelligent ERP for Pharma Industry with built-in increased capabilities would help pharmaceutical companies better identify and address opportunities and issues connected to formula management. Predictive analytics, IoT, mobile apps, and process automation are just a few of the brand-new technologies that are included in this.

Challenges in Formula Management solved by Intelligent ERP for the Pharma Industry

Formula Consistency:

Pharmaceutical companies must keep the formulas consistent. The drug's (or other pharmaceutical products) quality and the outcome would be impacted by this. Formula consistency is crucial for batch production since it helps maintain results over time. Keeping this uniformity across several sites for various batches is difficult.

Considering the critical nature of the vertical, batch tracking plays a very important role in the pharma business. Intelligent ERP for Pharma Industry embedded with Bots, makes the process automated and tracks the process right from sales to GRN. The features that are covered here are Inspection, Sampling, Under Analysis and Analysis completed.

Whenever it is required at the GRN Stage, System does not allow the transaction without confirming the receipt of the supporting documents (Like the Lab certificate from the supplier). It also ensures compulsory labelling at each stage of the GRN for easy identification.

Formula/line Change Communication and Implementation:

A formula or formula line may be altered depending on the history of previous batches, intended vs. actual results, potency levels, or other unforeseen circumstances. Pharmaceutical manufacturing can be challenging when modifications are not properly communicated and executed, especially when generating many batches. Such situations result in significant financial and labor losses. It is equally important to inform all process participants of formula changes in order to prevent quality inconsistencies.

ebizframe Intelligent ERP for the Pharma Industry is specially designed to cater to this challenge by providing Centralized record maintenance of formulas, items, formula lines, etc. It also improves communication and collaboration between different departments and functions within an organization. This helps to ensure that everyone is on the same page and working towards common goals, which is important for compliance purposes.

Maintenance and Management of Data:

Pharmaceutical manufacturers work with a wide range of formulations. Formula management involves the administration of the Bill of Materials (BOM), ingredients, coproducts, byproducts, various formula lines, third-party manufacturing inside a formula line, vendor management list, supply chain tracking, etc. This suggests that there is a lot of data created every day that has to be collected, recorded, and even examined, making it a difficult process that is prone to mistakes.

Intelligent ERP for the Pharma Industry integrated with advanced technologies helps in automated Data collation, systematic classification, and report generation in the system. Intelligent ERP systems help improve data quality and accuracy by automatically integrating data from various sources and then cleansing, enriching, and validating it. This ensures that the data is accurate and complete, which is critical for compliance purposes for pharmaceutical companies.

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How does ebizframe Intelligent ERP for Pharma Industry Simplify Formula Management?

With increased globalization, it is even more critical for pharmaceutical businesses to minimize time to market while maintaining product quality. Managing the formula and how it scales for different sizes is most likely the first step toward achieving those goals. High-end software like Intelligent ERP allows for efficient batch processing in production while making formula management simpler.

With the right ERP solution, you can make sure that your business meets all necessary requirements while still delivering improved customer service and quality products. Leveraging the power of Intelligent ERP for the Pharma Industry could prove to be a wise investment that pays off in the long run.

ebizframe Intelligent ERP embedded with advanced technologies like BI, RPA, Mobile Apps, and IoT has been in the market for the past 30 years. ebizframe Intelligent ERP Software users leveraged its advanced functionalities to meet the quality standards of the Pharmaceutical Industry for a very long time.

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