Process manufacturing is a type of production where formulae and recipes replace discrete materials. Some of the true challenges faced by process manufacturing companies are variable production output, the tractability of goods, recipe scalability, etc. As a result, process manufacturers such as chemical businesses, food processing companies, and pharmaceutical companies have dedicated ERP Software for Process Manufacturing.

Choosing the right ERP Software for Process Manufacturing companies can be overwhelming for the management. There are a vast number of ERP providers, claiming to be the right fit for your business. With our 30+ years of expertise in developing ERP Software Systems, we have realized the need for these seven essential features to be included on your checklist to assist guarantee that your investment in an ERP Software System provides the "must-have" and industry-specific capabilities that your business requires.

Features of an Ideal ERP Software for Process Manufacturing

  1. Lot Tracking and Traceability

    Process Manufacturing is a highly regulated sector and Lot tracking, and traceability is usually the foremost concern for manufacturers. Intelligent ERP Software for Process Manufacturing embedded with advanced technology offers automated end-to-end traceability from raw materials to end products. This allows firms to respond to trace any potential problems or initiate product recalls as soon as possible – thus, saving time and possible negative consequences. Furthermore, real-time tracking helps in improving planning, budgeting, auditing, and margin analysis for the firm.

  2. Mixed units of Measure

    You most likely buy ingredients in kilos, stock them in pounds, and count them by the case. The ERP Software System you select must be able to handle these sorts of conversions seamlessly across the purchasing, production, inventory management, order management, and shipping processes. The capacity to quantify inventory in various production phases in terms of measurement units increases performance, customer service, reporting, and accountability.

  3. Planning and Scheduling

    Process manufacturing necessitates a large volume of output and the utilization of a wide range of expensive equipment. This necessitates making the most use of the available equipment and minimizing waste throughout manufacturing. As a result, planning and scheduling should be more focused on equipment usage and waste control. With the help of an Intelligent ERP in-built Mobile App for Asset Tracking, you can further allocate production equipment based on the project requirements. And also keep track of the maintenance of the equipment efficiently which would directly influence the depreciation cost of the machinery.

  4. Recipe Formulation

    ERP Software System designed for Process Manufacturing must support the development of new formulations, observation of recipe development, recording of production instructions, and quality control test requirements due to the complexity of formulae and recipes. Manufacturers of batch processes require a recipe formulation function to reduce time spent on laborious calculations and costly mistakes. Industry-specific ERP Software for Process Manufacturing makes it simple to maintain numerous versions of formulae and recipes and track changes.

  5. Co-Product and By-Product Management

    You're probably dealing with co-products and by-products, both of which have the potential to have a substantial financial impact on your organization and must be accounted for and controlled in the ERP Software System. It is necessary to keep an accurate record of by-products and co-products, including on-hand amounts, location, and adequate formulation documentation. An ERP system that does not account for either of these will not provide you with a complete financial picture of your company's manufacturing process.

  6. Product recall

    Product recall is another issue that concerns process manufacturers, particularly those in the food and beverage industries. It not only results in massive monetary losses, but it also puts the maker/seller in danger of legal action. Timely remedies are critical in product recalls. A process-based ERP Software for Process Manufacturing should assist firms in promptly resolving any product recall concerns. Once a lot number containing the faulty component is detected, items containing that ingredient may be identified and their shipping location can be traced promptly. Following that, distributors and merchants may be informed later to take the goods off the shelves.

  7. Shelf Life

    Every manufacturer is aware of the ongoing worry about a product's shelf life because of the nature of process production. It is essential to have in-built, ready-to-use functions with advanced technologies embedded in the ERP solution, that provide notifications when items are approaching or exceeding their expiration date since raw materials and products lose their use after a given amount of time. ERP software System that solves this issue can help your organization achieve consumer safety requirements while also remaining consistent with industry laws.


When looking for ERP Software for Process Manufacturing, that satisfies business demands, there are several elements to take into account. As an ERP Software System provider, we propose that you include these seven critical features in your search criteria. Considering these factors throughout your ERP search will help you select a system that suits your specific industry demands.

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