Mobility has penetrated deep into our lives since the advent of smartphones and other digital gadgets, and also due to continuously sliding data costs. It’s hard to imagine our lives without this wireless ecosystem which keeps us connected to every necessity in our personal lives, whether it is news or banking or mail or chat or social networking.Not surprisingly, mobility is slowly but surely changing the way businesses operate. It has armed businesses to be extremely responsive to customers at every possible touch point and improve customer experience drastically.

In a recent research, 81% of CEOs saw wireless devices being strategically important for their enterprise. Mobile Technology allows companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, vendors and customers. This connectivity offers heaps of opportunities and competitive advantage while battling against competitors. A large number of organizations are fully ERP enabled, and the ERP function is now extending to mobile devices, and is significantly impacting the way businesses are run.

Businesses that support the idea of confluence between ERP and mobility are popularly described as Mobile Enterprises. Such mobile enterprises are known to produce more profit and efficiencies by leveraging the conspicuous functionalities of a Mobile ERP Solution.

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