Revolutionizing Healthcare: The ebizframeRx Case Study in Elevating Hospital Efficiency and Patient Care

Client Overview

A leading government-operated healthcare institution in Ghana, specializing in 24-hour high-quality medical services. With three hospitals and three OPD clinics spread across the country, they offer expert care in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, ENT, Surgery, Dental, and Internal Medicine. It also includes fully equipped laboratory and reputable pharmacy ensure top-notch diagnostics and reliable access to quality medicines.

Client Challenges

  • Upgradation of the software: The management team aimed to replace locally developed HIMS software with a proven integrated hospital information system.
  • Inefficient Workflows:Disparate systems for patient data, scheduling, billing, and inventory management caused delays, redundant data entry, and inefficient workflows, impacting care delivery.
  • Data Silos:Information stored in disconnected systems led to data silos, hindering timely access, analysis, decision-making, and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Limited Scalability:Hospital growth posed challenges in managing increased patient data, staffing, and resources, resulting in inefficiencies and care delays.

Benefits of ebizframeRx

  • Streamlined operations:ebizframeRx streamlines hospital operations by integrating and automating functions like OPD, IPD, Lab, Radiology, Pharmacy, Inventory, Supply chain, Patient management, and Billing, reducing administrative costs.
  • Improved patient care:Real-time access to patient data with ebizframeRx enhances decision-making and improves personalized care.
  • Enhanced data management:Healthcare ERP provides an accurate, electronically stored medical record of the patient in order to develop data-driven strategies for improvement.
  • Increased financial control:With Healthcare ERP, hospitals gain increased financial control, managing budgets, forecasting revenue, expenses, and optimizing cash flow.


Our product offers a comprehensive solution for their challenges, leveraging Healthcare ERP functionalities:

  • OPD with Queue Management
  • IPD with Separate Wards
  • Medical Store and General Store
  • Billing, CPOE, and Temperature Room
  • Antenatal Unit, Doctor Module, and Cashier
  • Diet and Nutrition Catering, Duty Roaster, and Laundry
  • Laboratory, Mortuary, and Radiology
  • Credit Control and Pharmacy
  • Operation Theatre and Bed/Ward Management
  • Blood Bank and Purchase
  • Ambulance Management and MIS modules

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