About the Client

The client is an independent type approval agency, as notified by Government of India. They offer Type Approval/Homologation, which comes under their core services. The organization undertakes certification procedures of vehicles and components to authorize them for Type Approval / Homologation.

The Main activities of the client include Certification of vehicles, engines and components, as a notified agency, as per the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, Certification of Gensets as a notified agency by CPCB (MoEF), participation in national and international forums in the automotive technology and related fields, Research & Development projects for the industry/ Government of India/ national and international agencies, participation in the process of formulation of automotive standards, and carrying out own Research Projects in automotive technology.

Pre-ERP Scenario

Prior to the implementation, they were using third party software for Sales and Services. They were using Tally for financial transactions, and were using MS-Excel for budget entry.

Earlier, the whole Material Management process was manually operated. The Document Approval System was taking too much time as documents used to physically move from one desk to another.

Budget availability was a crucial factor in their purchase process, and due to manual Purchase Requisition Process and approval lead time of 20-25 days, their budget control wasn’t showing the desired results.They were using MS-Excel for PO creation and no database was available for transactions.All reports were maintained in MS-Excel only due to which there were always chances of data discrepancy.

They were also using MS-Excel for Payroll Management as well as Attendance Regularization.Moreover, Leave Application and Approval System was also manual. Manual slips were used for the maintenance complaints and other operations (preventive, predictive and general).

The Solution

The client was impressed with ebizframe’s mobility and scalability, and its state-of-the-art Modules like Finance, MaterialsManagement, HCM, Employee Portal, Plant & Maintenance, Budget, Fixed Assets and the integration of SalesFinancial Data. Also, the prospect of a drastic reduction in the man-hours due to the automation of the Production Cycle, expedited the acquirement. The number of users are 50.

Post ERP implementation Scenario

After ebizframe ERP implementation, complete Purchase Requisition (PR) to Purchase Order (PO) tracking and controlling can be done. Users can now be restricted to follow monthly budget limits.

There is now an In-built Budget Validation on Purchase Requisition creation. Users can now check the available balance of their budget. The item creation has been categorized so that there is no confusion to get the right item for purchase request.An average of 25 PR are now generated in a day. Earlier, when the things were done manually, there was a lead time of 30 mins for PR creation. Now, after ebizframe ERP implementation, a PR can be generated in 10 mins.

The availability of Electronic Approval & Workflow status has brought in time-efficiency. The documents are moved electronically, and alerts related to the document approval can be seen by the concerned person on their dashboard. The concerned person can find all the information on a single page and can check for all his concerns related to the document approval. Also, Open Tender & Quotation can now be tracked against RFQ. Now, the Tender Opening Jury can check & approve all quotations.

Prior to the implementation, they had 2 days lead time of PR approval, but now it has been reduced to 3 hours.

The approval of PO is now done electronically. In the workflow they have a maximum of 10 anda minimum of 1 approver. They maintain a validation of the Director approval if the price of the PO is more than 5 Lacs. This validation run automatically and it can’t be skipped, as it was the case when things were done manually. Earlier, the lead time of PO approval was 3 hours but now it has been reduced to 30 mins.Also, the Inventory control has been automated. Now, Inventory is updated with right amount as per PO terms.

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