Customer Profile

The client has been active in Nairobi’s entertainment arena for the last 2 decades. They have set new standards of excellence in the entertainment industry through their innovative approach and utter professionalism thus ensuring that each of their guests has the most entertaining, memorable and unique experience.

The client offers the ultimate clubbing experience to suit each guest’s disposition. The club offers different sections featuring four bars, each adorned in a different decor to provide a range of settings from magnificent, modern to classic.

Solution  – ebizframe ERP for Entertainment Arena

Choosing an IT solution that suits your requirement and budget is a meticulous task and requires a lot of due diligence and pain-staking effort. The client decided to go ahead with ebizframe ERP after they had evaluated many other ERP Solutions available in the Kenyan market.

What impressed the client most was the support provided by the local Eastern Software Solutions (ESS) Team. They were delighted not only by the way the ESS Team received and listened to their problems but also in the way they came out with a resolution to the challenges and issues faced by the customer, in a very short time.

ebizframe ERP Modules

The client chose to implement the following modules of ebizframe –

Sales, Finance, Fixed Assets, Costing, Shares, Purchase, Inventory, Human Resource & Payroll, Executive Information System, Customer Care and System Administrator.

The client is a cash focused business and a place with lots of action. And a place like this requires a fast and efficient service. ebizframe ERP has given the required controls and reports that are required by the Management to deliver this kind of a service to its customers.

With ebizframe ERP installed they has been able to centralize the information board, in its 4 units, thereby permitting the Management to have information on their fingertips and that too in real-time.

Post ERP Implementation Benefits

ebizframe ERP for entertainment arena has contributed significantly to the growth of the client. ebizframe is a comprehensive ERP Suite; its cutting-edge features have given the client quantifiable operational benefits. ebizframe is an easy-to-use Enterprise Resource Management Software solution that enables to manage significant business functions in a single integrated environment. ebizframe ERP provides instant access to complete business information in real time, so that enterprises can respond to customer expectations promptly and run the business even more efficiently.

Mr. Sammy Mwuara, Operations Director, said

“We are happy to see that a lot has been achieved and we are very satisfied with the process implementation to date. Satisfaction has also come in with 10 years’ experience of working with ESS. Our problems have been carefully understood, taken up on a daily basis, acted upon and resolutions provided without too much of a delay”.

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