ebizframe ERP Successful Implementation at Tanzania's Leading Manufacturing Company

Client’s Profile

ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing Company in Tanzania – The client is one of the biggest home grown companies in Tanzania. They also have a prominent presence across 10 countries in Africa namely Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Zambia, etc. They are into the business of providing logistic services and manufacturing products. They are on course to becoming the leading Intra-Regional Trading and Investment Company in the Agriculture Industry as well as commercial sectors, with their advanced infrastructure in place.

Prior to the ebizframe implementation, a Legacy System was in place which was addressing only the Accounting needs of the client. It was not catering to the Treasury, CMA, Port and ICD Management. Most importantly, Import Cycle was not available in the Legacy System, and was maintained in Excel Sheets. Flow of documents from the Import Department to Customs Clearance and ICD Department was a big bottleneck. The process used to be time-consuming and erroneous. Earlier, to get any historical data pertaining to a customer, a Sales Executive had to run multiple reports.

In the Legacy System, the Sales Invoice was booked in one system and the Inventory Management was done using another system. As there was no link between the two systems, there was always a mismatch between physical stock and system stock. This was time taking and wasting a lot of their resources.

Information pertaining to the container arrival at port used to come to the concerned department only at the last minute, due to which proper planning wasn’t possible. A huge amount of port charges & demur rage charges had to be paid to the shipping lines, as a result of this.Also, the container status was updated manually by the person to get a report, as a result of which valuable information went unnoticed and the container remained at ICD/unit for longer period. Earlier, the branch data came once in 15 days and the staff members at the Head Office were required to re-enter data in Tally from the hard copy. The data entry was entered using two software, one at the branch and another at the Head Office. There was no synchronization between the branch and HO, due to which a lot of reconciliation issues were coming up between the branch and HO database.

The Solution – ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing

After a thorough evaluation, the client decided to go ahead with ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd.

The client was impressed with ebizframe’s mobility and scalability, and its state-of-the-art modules like Finance, Sales, Inventory,etc. Also the prospect of a drastic reduction in the man-hours due to the automation of the Production Cycle, expedited the acquisition.

Post ebizframe ERP implementation scenario

After ebizframe ERP’s implementation, a full phase Import Cycle caters to the requirements of Import Documentation and automatic flow of information to Port & Custom Clearance Department. The Invoice is prepared based on goods delivered. From Sales Order booking to Invoice, Logistics Management, Delivery Note, etc. everything is now interlinked to one another.

In ebizframe, a customer dashboard screen has been provided, from where all sort of information can be viewed in a snapshot by a user. Also, there is no dependence on the Finance Department to get the customer balance.The Invoice and Delivery Note can be prepared at the same time, due to which there is no scope for any mismatch between the system stock and bin card.

In ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing industry, the Port Management process has been linked with the Import Purchase cycle. Port personnel can get the container arrival information 30 days prior to arrival date. The container movement is now linked with GRN process, due to which the system updates the container status automatically and highlights the number of days for which the container has been stationed at site. After the implementation, Excel upload facility has been given for Sales Data. The data comes from all the branches on a daily basis and it is uploaded at the central server. Now, all the Sales Data is uploaded on a daily basis on the central server to keep it up to date. All other transactions are also entered on the central server.A much better tracking of the Goods-in-Transit is being done with ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing, which was not possible earlier. Goods are received against Purchase Order to Associate Companies and also against branch requests from other units. Once goods are dispatched from the other units, an automatic mail comes to the concerned person on Goods-in-Transit.

Benefits from ebizframe ERP for Manufacturing

  • The entire operations are now unified, with data integrity across all functions
  • Eliminated manual entry of the Sales Order at unit level, hence error-free dispatch to customer
  • Eliminated delays in invoice booking
  • 100% tracking of inventory movement
  • By using ebizframe ERP, retrieval of historical data for processing of any order, saves 1 hour a day
  • Proper Planning is now possible for Container Management
  • Tracing of Container position has become easier and system driven
  • Branch information is available on a daily basis

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