Uganda’s Leading Bottled Water Manufacturer Embraces ebizframe ERP

Solution - Manufacturing ERP - ebizframe ERP Software

The client was founded in 1997 and today is the leading manufacturer and distributor of bottled mineral water in Uganda. The company has also diversified into trading of packaged food products. Currently, it is the 2nd largest manufacturer of bottled mineral water in Uganda with a production capacity of 100,000 BPD (Bottles per Day).

Client's Point of Interest

The client did not have integrated system and was having multiple systems with their own unique islands of information. It was very difficult to correlate scheduling of production with inventory and dispatches. The client had a very high sales volume and keeping track of dispatches manually was a very cumbersome task. There was no system to show client-wise outstanding debt or its ageing and whenever this information was sought, critical manpower resources we allocated to manually compile this information which took a lot of valuable and productive team which could have been used more productively elsewhere.

Clearly the existing systems were not capable of handling the increasing business operations of the client. The company wanted an integrated process driven system which would integrate all their operations and make complete information available to the Senior Management in real-time. They wanted customer deliveries to be aligned with production planning and inventory, track rejections and basically automate their entire daily operations.

Solution: Manufacturing ERP Software - ebizframe

After evaluating many ERP Solutions in the local market the client decided to implement ebizframe Manufacturing ERP Software, the leading ERP Solution across Africa. ebizframe is comprehensive, versatile ERP Suite which is web-enabled and having multi-company, multi-location and multi-lingual capabilities. Eastern Software Solutions (ESS) rapidly customized and implemented ebizframe ERP across all the departments i.e.Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Finance, Production and HR/Payroll.

ERP for Process Manufacturing

ERP for Discrete Manufacturing

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  Salient Features of Manufacturing ERP Software - ebizframe
  • Integration with Coupon Tracking System
  • Batch-wise, Expiry-wise Bottle Tracking enabled.
  • Batch wise costing on the basis of job order and material consumed for individual batch/job order.
  • Material/Inventory/Production Planning on the basis of lead time for individual items and on the basis of items category.
  • Bar code identification and tracking.
  • Robust Technology and constantly updated and upgraded.
  • Totally Future Proof –can be customized to address future requirements.
  • Great User Interface (UI) and extremely easy to use.
  • Seamless integration between modules
  • Easy to audit.

ebizframe Manufacturing ERP at a Glance:

  • 1,300+ customers
  • 25+ countries across 5 continents
  • 20+ industries
  • 30,000+ users

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