Company is a leading name in the manufacturing of plastic products for over 35 years in Nigeria. They have been into the manufacturing of plastic products like Cosmetics Packing material and Industrial packing material.

Objectives of ERP

Company is an Associate company of one of our client. And. Hence for keeping the data integrated with all the Associate companies and track the growth, they required a reliable and cost effective integrated system, which is scalable and can accommodate future growth of the company.

They needed a web enabled system considering the accessibility from anywhere and can have all the details of related companies also online and at various locations and of course data security was also a major concern for them. They wanted to have flexible and user friendly system with comprehensive security feature.

They wanted to have futuristic system that should go well with the image and existing and future need of company.

Solution Choice

Company opted for ebizframe since they already had seen ebizframe running in their associate company successfully. They were already impressed with the level of customization that could be done on ebizframe. Apart from these, other generic factors like low cost of ownership, user friendly, scalability of the product helped them to decide in favor of ebizframe.

Company opted for Production and Production Planning modules along with standard business process available in ebizframe.

  • Maintaining the Inventory management for Raw material, Finished Goods and Scrap
  • Control on Purchase of Spare parts
  • Control on production and planning of machines
  • Raw material purchase planning for Import
  • Costing of Finished Goods


ebizframe is centrally hosted on web based model. Benefits after implementing ebizframe ERP are as follows: Better Inventory management and control Localised Import Purchase module was implemented for calculating the cost of imported items. Costing of finished goods was calculated on the basis of raw material cost and other parameter cost as required by the client. Two Modules Production and Production Planning with plastic baseline installed to give the best results and in shortest time. Better monitoring and controlling of the entire business in totality. Better control on data consolidation as a whole. Data security through ebizframe has reduced spill over of information and data. Full Import and Local purchase cycle has been provided based on their business.

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