Bahrain is an archipelago of 30 islands in the Persian Gulf east of Saudi Arabia. It has a total land area of 760 sq. km. and a 160 km long coastline. Bahrain attained independence in 1971 and today has a population of approximately 1.5 Million. Bahrain’s capital is Manama and its major seaports are Mina’ Salman and Sitrah. Bahrain has an extremely strategic location in the Persian Gulf and is very close to all the primary Middle Eastern Crude Oil sources. Bahrain’s biggest annual event is the Bahrain Grand Prix F-1 Race held each year in April.


Bahrain has an oil dominated economy with more than 85% revenues coming from oil. Bahrain has made concerted efforts to diversify its economy and has rapidly developed communication and transport infrastructure. It signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with USA in 2006, the first Gulf State to do so. The other major economic activities in Bahrain are petroleum processing and refining, aluminum production, hospitality, retail, construction, natural gas, ship repairs, tourism and banking. Bahrain has gradually developed into a regional Islamic Banking centre. Bahrain’s GDP (PPP) is estimated at US$ 65 Billion and its economy is growing at an average rate of 3-4% per annum. The Services Sector comprises roughly 64.5%, Industry: 35.0% and Agriculture: 0.5% of the GDP. A majority of the workforce in Bahrain are expatriates and the Services Sector engages approximately 2/3rd of the total workforce.


Like all Middle Eastern economies, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software have also played an important role in automating Bahraini enterprise. An ERP Software removes all islands of information in an enterprise which normally don’t communicate with each other and replaces them with a single platform which is used uniformly across the enterprise. This ensures that there is always “One Version of the Truth” and all departments transact on only one version of the operational data. A powerful ERP Software also cuts down manual data entry efforts and errors significantly. This ensures that precious manpower resources can be deployed elsewhere, more productively, rather than getting wasted in duplication of data entry at multiple stages.

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