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Solution- ebizframe ERP for FMCG Distributor

The client is a leading wholesaler and distributor of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) in Nairobi, Kenya. When it comes to Fast Moving Consumer Goods, the client stocks everything from sugar, baking flour, rice,cooking fats, oils and much more.

They are the appointed distributors for Kapa Oil, Unilever, Ketepa, Mumias Sugar, Eveready, Kensalt, New K.C.C. and Saralee amongst others. Each branch of the client ensures that all its customers should get the best services at the best price. The client’s success in business has been attributed to hard work and honesty. This has been witnessed by the high volumes of retail customers who return on a daily basis to buy from any of their branches.

The client’s turnover increased from KSh (Kenyan Shilling) 700 Million in 2007 to KSh 3.5 Billion in 2011. They have now diversified into the steel business and have also procured ebizframe ERP specifically for the new venture.

Client's Point of Interest

The client is the wholesaler and distributor for various FMCG products and has multiple branches across Nairobi. All these branches have Point of Sale (POS) as well as credit sales. The legacy system of the client was not able to provide data consolidation across various branches and as a result the data reconciliation required tremendous time and manpower resources. The client required a modular and scalable ERP Software which could keep pace and fulfil the requirement of their growing business and the diverse needs of a rapidly changing economy. In order to manage this widespread business, the company decided to go for a web based ERP System. After evaluating multiple ERP Solutions available in the local market, the client finally chose ebizframe ERP the ERP leader in the African market to automate their operations and enforce controls and processes across various departments.

Solution Choice - ebizframe ERP for FMCG Distributor

The client carefully evaluated several ERPs, and finally selected ebizframe ERP, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ebizframe ERP was preferred because of its state-of-the-art technology, good track record, low entry and implementation cost, a clear implementation methodology and a transparent costing system. All the above operations at the client’s site are covered on ebizframe ERP for FMCG distributor.

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Pre-ERP Scenario

The client was facing a lot of issues with regards to stock and accounts reconciliation across various branches. Because they deal in fast moving items, for them to be up to date and online with their inventory position was the top priority. Unfortunately, this (inventory reconciliation) was a very slow and cumbersome process and a major pain area for the client. Since they were majorly dependent on manual data reconciliation & data processing, managing the manpower was eating up most of the Senior Management’s time and preventing them from focusing on business growth and diversification.

ERP Implementation

The client decided to implement ebizframe ERP for FMCG Distributor  in 2006 and it was successfully rolled out in January, 2007. ebizframe ERP was adopted with some customization and re-engineering of their business processes which was necessary as the organization moved from a decentralized system to an on-line integrated system in a controlled operations environment. Purchase, Sales, Inventory, HR & Payroll and Finance Modules were successfully implemented for the customer.

ebizframe ERP Benefits Derived

ebizframe ERP implementation has helped the client to monitor and manage stock movement and valuation across the organization in real time. It has resulted in a very close monitoring and speedy replenishment of the stocks on a daily basis. Better quality control and vendor monitoring is also possible as all the data is available online. The Finance Module with its features like consolidation options provides the client better control and flexibility over financial reporting. Many MIS reports are also available at the click of a button. There is a more effective monitoring and management of the entire operations. Manual data reconciliation has stopped completely resulting in minimizing multiple entries for the same transaction.

Ultimately, this has released substantive time of the Senior Management (which was being used earlier in routine reconciliation issues) to focus on taking prompt and informed business decisions, taking corrective measures where necessary and also planning for future growth and diversification of the enterprise.


The client has now diversified into the steel business and is already a prominent brand in the steel wire industry in Kenya and has implemented ebizframe ERP for the steel business.

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