Kuwait is a west Asian country which is geographically placed at the tip of the Persian Gulf. Saudi Arabia are the countries surrounding it. The land of Kuwait is a hub of rich cultural heritage which dates back to the classical times. The futuristic architecture of Kuwait city (the capital of Kuwait) beautifully balances with country’s ancient heritage. The architecture ranges from skyscrapers to the captivating Kuwait Towers. People can also relish the exquisite collection of ethnographic artefacts in the Tareq Rajab Museum houses.


Kuwait has a flourishing petroleum-based economy with Kuwaiti Dinar being the highest-valued currency in the world. In 2014, the GDP of Kuwait was estimated to be $282.06 billion. The country enjoys the status of the fourth richest country in the World, as cited by World Bank. Apart from its profiting petroleum industry, Kuwait is a major player in the financial services too. In the Gulf region, the country has made its presence felt in the finance industry and has continued to rally its economic development behind it. This healthy state of the finance industry reflects in its stock market. In the recent times, the total valuation of the listed companies on Kuwaiti exchange has been miles ahead from those on any other GCC bourse, except Saudi Arabia. For the diversification of their economy, the Kuwaiti Government has planned to spend up to $104 billion over the timespan of four years. This productive development will certainly pull more investment and will propel the indulgence of private sector in the economy.


Many successful Kuwait enterprises are leveraging Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software to bring digital transformation into their businesses and thrive in their industries. A versatile ERP System ensures the implementation of the best practices and procedures in a business and the automation of all its functions. Furthermore, it reduces the time and effort spent on duplication of data entry and reconciliation of disparate reports from different departments. With the help of intelligent ERP Software, the management can keep tight control over its operations spreading across multiple locations and countries. ebizframe, Kuwait’s Premium ERP Solution has played a dominant role in enhancing the productivity of many Kuwait enterprises and preparing them for future growth and diversification.

ebizframe ERP has been executed effectively across industry verticals in Kuwait region from Construction Material, Manufacturing, and Food Processing to Logistics. Worldwide, ebizframe ERP is being involved in 1,000 organizations across 25 nations in 20+ assorted industry verticals. The most recent form of ebizframe ERP is next-generation Enterprise Automation Solution that takes the automation of an enterprise to another level. ebizframe ERP is exceptionally configurable and can be quickly executed for practically any industry vertical. It is SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics, and Cloud) empowered and guarantees cooperation with merchants, project workers, and sub-sellers. Our ERP is totally gadget rationalist and can be accessed anytime, anyplace from any smart device by your executives.



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